Ready to Drink’in the Sun? An Honest Review

Ready to Drink’in the Sun? An Honest Review

Mikkeller “Drink’in the Sun” is a low-alcohol American wheat ale brewed in Belgium. Get tasting notes and info on ingredients in this review.

If there’s one thing brewers of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beer are good at, it’s coming up with appropriate names for their beers and their breweries.

Take Infinite Session, so called because you can drink as much 0.5% beer as you like and not get drunk.

Then you’ve got Fitbeer, which highlights beer’s health credentials once you cut out the alcohol.

“Gypsy” brewery Mikkeller, which produces a handful of alcohol-free beers alongside hundreds of full-strength brews, has also got in on the act with its “Drink’in the Sun” (0.3%) American-style wheat ale. After all, there’s few things better than a few beers when the sun shines. Add in the rehydrating effect of alcohol-free beer and you have the perfect summer drink. 

Overall though, there’s little evidence of the hops in the smell, which is another tell-tale sign of an American wheat beer. And, it doesn’t take long for your nostrils to get used to the wortiness.

It pours dark orange with a gorgeous, long-lasting head that provides a fluffy buffer between your lips and the beer. The body has the viscosity of a full-strength beer without the syrupyness that ruins so many many alcohol-free beers. It’s well carbonated with tight bubbles and a creamy mouthfeel that helps it slide down nicely.



Mikkeller have done a great job of imitating a full-strength American wheat ale with “Drink’in the Sun”. It’s got many of the characteristics of the style with a good body, mouthfeel, flavour and aroma. Its lack of hoppiness might make it appeal to bitter drinkers.

The wortiness in the aroma initially put me off. But I soon got used to it and was glad that it didn’t come through in the taste.

A nice beer – and yes, it tastes great in the sun.



Note: Original review appeared in Steady Drinker.

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